At UHI, the division of cardiac critical care comprises of Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CSICU), Coronary care unit (CCU), and post catheterisation unit (PCU). Each unit is 4-5 fully functional beds making a total of 15 critical care beds.

The division is intensivist led and run by specialised nurses and anaesthesiologist who have experience in the care for critically ill cardiac patients. Other team members involved in the day to day management of patients include cardiologist, cardiac surgeons, physiotherapist, and nutritionists.

The division is responsible for ensuring appropriate equipment for critical care, treatment of patients, teaching residents and fellows, and conducting research.

Cardiac patients require high level of full time one-to-one nursing, extensive advanced monitoring, multi-organ support among many others, making the service costly in terms of equipment and arising challenges of sustainability and good pay for the specialised personnel involved.


➢ There has been an increase in the human resource that now has trained ICU staff with an Intensivist who heads the unit, thus a fully functioning unit.
➢ The unit now has 6 fully equipped Cardiac Critical beds from the initial 2
➢ An average of at least 2 patients daily is received per unit.
➢ The number of patients admitted is higher than before and the care extended has tremendously improved.
➢ The unit also received a grant of 161,670.95 USD to equip Cardiac Surgery ICU.
➢ To date, the unit gets trainees from different divisions such as medical, post graduates and fellows.
➢ Above all, the unit is now able to provide an uninterrupted 24 hour service.
➢ Currently, to further boost the service, the unit needs more independent Critical Care beds to separate medical, surgery, pediatric and Adult patients, alongside more specialised Human resource and Funding so as to function at its best.