The Uganda Heart Institute is founded on research as one of its core missions. The UHI has been involved in research in efforts to solve some of Uganda’s cardiovascular problems including rheumatic heart disease, high blood pressure, infective endocarditis and diseases of the heart muscle.

Outside of South Africa, the UHI currently holds the largest registry of rheumatic heart disease in Africa and this is helping guide and foster science in RHD.

The UHI Currently does joint research with the University of Cape Town, McMaster University, Case Western Reserve University, The University of Washington, George Washington University (Children’s National Health System, DC) and Makerere University. Current approved studies running at the UHI include

  1. The INVICTUS trial- Investigation of rheumatic atrial fibrillation with vitamin agonists or aspirin therapies- a collaboration with Population Health Research Institute(PHRI)(McMaster University)
  2. A better Understanding of acute rheumatic fever in Africa- Collaboration with Makerere University, Children’s National Health System, DC, University of Cape Town and the University of Washington.
  3. The Uganda Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry- Collaboration with Makerere University, Case Western Reserve University, Join Clinical Research Center and George Washington University
  4. The Impact of Rheumatic Heart Disease on Maternal Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa - Collaboration with Children’s National Health System and Imaging the World.
  5. Strengthening cardiovascular care without specialists: A pilot program at Lira regional referral hospital- collaboration with Case Western Reserve University and Children’s National Health System